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Hi! We're Chris and Kate, the owners of Blue Water Diving. Our story started 20 years ago, when we opened up our very first Diving centre in mainland Spain. We were both so passionate about Scuba Diving and wanted to turn our diving hobbies into careers. In 2015 we decided it was time for a change and moved to Gran Canaria to set up a brand new diving centre: Blue Water Diving.

We often get asked why we chose Gran Canaria. It's pretty simple - it has all year round diving, our two children speak Spanish so we like to keep them understanding the language and finally - it's close to home! Even after all these years we still love what we do. We love watching people take their first breaths under water - we're both just as passionate about teaching Scuba Diving today, as we were 20 years ago. We hope you fall in love with diving in Gran Canaria just as we have!

Kate McMillan

Head diver

I started Scuba Diving when I was 16 years old, but my passion for diving ignited after a diving holiday in Egypt. From then on I knew Scuba Diving wasn't just a hobby and that I had to share it with others. Now after 15 years of being a professional instructor I still love teaching and still get the same feeling I did so many years ago.

Chris Drummond

Head diver

I got involved with diving whilst on holiday in Greece. I've never been the type to sit around and sunbathe all day, so when I was approached to try Scuba Diving I jumped at the opportunity. From that day forward I've been hooked!

I wasn't much of a cold water diver, so when I finally got fed up with UK's weather I moved to mainland Spain. Started off with a water sports centre, but quickly moved into building and owning a Scuba Diving centre of my own. Worked through the courses from Open Water to now Master Instructor!

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